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December 2013 Archives

Same-sex couple ends divorce dispute over pet custody

Many people in Worcester, Massachusetts, love their pets, and there is little doubt how far they will go to show it. Many divorcing spouses fight over the custody of their pets to the extent where sometimes court intervention is necessary. For instance, a same-sex couple reached a settlement in their dog's custody dispute when one of the women gave full custody of the 2-year-old miniature dachshund to her spouse before a court hearing could be scheduled.

Do not settle alimony without knowing spouse's finances

Among the common issues that divorcing couples argue about is how to divide marital assets and how to split financial responsibilities. Finances are important for a divorced spouse because a newly single person may only have one income to rely upon after the divorce is final. Understanding the process can prepare anyone going through a divorce for the financial and emotional effects involved.

Mediation helps resolve property division disputes amicably

Dissolving a marriage can be so emotional that many experts frequently advise both parties to act rationally, and never let emotions rule their decisions. However, that could be easier said than done. In Worcester, Massachusetts, divorcing couples should know that their future financial situation could depend on the results of property division, and a financially trained legal mediator can lend a rational hand to negotiations.

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