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April 2013 Archives

The role of a written agreement in alimony and taxes

Most people know what happens when an ex-spouse fails to make alimony payments, particularly if the spousal support recipient is a low-wage earner. However, alimony-related problems go beyond those arising from nonpayment; overpayment can complicate the payer's tax returns.

Minimizing the effects of divorce on Massachusetts children

Hostility and anger for ex-spouses can permeate during and after divorce. When children are involved, though, hot emotions can be damaging and make child custody and visitation real problems for everyone involved. Keeping the best interests of the child in mind is crucial to making sure they survive what may be the most difficult time of their young lives.

Divorce mediation good for a less complicated divorce

Divorce may have its bitter side. Although unintentional, divorce may directly affect the children and people who are in the lives of the divorcing couple. To make things easier and more manageable, residents of Worcester, Massachusetts, may prefer to go for divorce mediation, rather than opting for a traditional divorce.

Credit and joint debts in property division

Many Worcester readers may assume that property division in a divorce can be resolved through a 50/50 split of assets and marital properties. But in Massachusetts, the assets and properties are divided through equitable distribution, wherein the marital property must be identified and valued. However, assets and properties are not the only things subject to division; debts incurred during the marriage are also included.

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