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Special attention needed for divorce agreement in a gray divorce

More and more couples in Massachusetts and elsewhere are filing for divorce when they are older than 50. Studies show that the number of divorces later in life has grown significantly since 1990. Many of these "gray divorces" follow first marriages and are not likely to be done on the spur of the moment. After many years of marriage, there is typically a lot at stake, and to ensure all matters are addressed in a divorce agreement, each party may benefit from the services of an experienced divorce attorney.

Conflict resolution may avoid financial errors during divorce

Navigating a divorce through all its facets under Massachusetts laws is likely a traumatic experience for anyone involved. In addition to possible concerns about child custody, the financial implications during the time leading up to the divorce and afterward need to be addressed adequately. Failure to pay the necessary attention to detail of financial agreements may adversely impact the lives of both parties post-divorce. This area is known to cause a fair amount of contention, and the guidance of a mediator who is experienced in marital conflict resolution may be invaluable.

Fears about cost of child custody decrease as economy improves

During the recent recession, the U.S. Census Bureau reported a significant drop in the divorce rate. Now that the economic recovery is well under way, it is predicted that there will be a rise in divorce filings in Massachusetts and other states. The many stumbling blocks divorced couples face when they are financially challenged may be the reason for the decline during hard times. This may be especially true for a parent who has child custody.

Focus on the whole picture when drafting a divorce agreement

Massachusetts couples who are considering divorce sometimes focus on one aspect rather than looking at the whole picture. It is not uncommon for people to concentrate on the aspect that produces the highest level of contention, such as property division or child custody. Although every divorce is unique, all the various aspects will impact an individual's post-divorce life and need the necessary attention in negotiating a divorce agreement.

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