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December 2012 Archives

Divorce after the holidays can be good for alimony

The holiday season is supposed to be joyous and cheerful; that is why some spouses who are planning to divorce their partners put the matter aside until after the holidays. It's generally known among matrimonial lawyers that January is a popular time for divorce. After all, filing for divorce after the holiday season can be beneficial to some spouses, particularly in financial aspects such as spousal support.

DOMA may affect same-sex spouses in Massachusetts

Worcester and other Massachusetts readers may know that society, just like technology, evolves, including family law issues. Nowadays, non-traditional family settings are becoming more commonplace and more accepted. Some couples live together without being married; others live in blended families or with same sex spouses. With non-traditional family matters, same-sex marriage can be considered controversial.

Cost of mediation is less than cost of divorce

Massachusetts readers may notice that most divorce news nowadays consists of celebrities or rich people who are divorcing for various reasons. The divorce of these individuals may include a child custody battle, child support disputes and splitting their assets and properties. Because they own numerous properties and businesses that could have a high value, each party prefers to end their marriage through litigation. However, some spouses may believe that divorcing is too expensive until they learn about divorce mediation.

Technology may help settle property division in Massachusetts

Worcester, Massachusetts readers may be aware of how technology can bring convenience to nearly every aspect of life. Through new innovations like smart phones and the Internet, people can enjoy a different kind of entertainment, communication and information. Today, new technology is also associated with couples undergoing the process of divorce and helps them work through issues like complex property division, child custody and visitation rights.

The benefits of modern technology during divorce

Parents in Worcester already know that children should be able to learn and grow without having to deal with adult anxieties. After all, when parents constantly argue in front of their children, it can have long-lasting effects on the kids' outlook.

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