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Issues that can complicate blended families in Massachusetts

Any resident of Worcester, Massachusetts, may be familiar with same-sex couples, domestic partnerships and blended families. Blended families exist when two divorced spouses decide to remarry and bring their children together under one roof. While such a setting may provide an opportunity for the partners to move on from their first marriages, blended families may encounter pitfalls and non-traditional family matters, particularly when it comes to money and finances.

Actor seeks lower alimony payments to former spouse

Whereas some spouses in Worcester are worried about the emotional turmoil that comes with divorce, others are concerned about financial stability. In a divorce, as the income and assets are divided between spouses, one of the spouses may experience unfair economic consequences. The divorce settlement may therefore include alimony, particularly if one spouse's income is lower than the other's.

Upcoming book focuses on co-parenting with ex-spouse

Even after a marriage ends, it is still possible to keep a family together. The best interests of the child should never take a back seat to the parents' egos. When divorce papers are filed, both spouses should consider the welfare of their children. In Massachusetts, child custody cases are treated seriously by the court. Some judges may want parents to have a polite relationship for their child's sake through a parenting plan. An upcoming book tries to address that.

Income sources may prove to be important during property division

If legal formality were the only thing needed when a Worcester couple files for divorce, ending a marriage would be very simple. However, in reality, divorce is often complex because of the emotions and different personal interests of the spouses, particularly when it comes to property division.

Gay couple married in Massachusetts struggles to obtain a divorce

Residents of Worcester, Massachusetts, have witnessed different reforms pertaining to marriage. Massachusetts is one of the few states in the country where same-sex couples can tie the knot. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender married couples in Worcester who are having marital disputes may find themselves wanting to pursue a same sex divorce. Just like heterosexual couples, same-sex couples embroiled in divorce may find themselves facing issues like a child custody battle, the need to pay child support, spousal support and property division.

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