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Divorce mediation may serve you well -- even post-divorce

Many Massachusetts couples manage to go through divorce, property division and child support in an amicable manner. However, many other couples would like to avoid litigation, but, due to a break-down in communication, they find it impossible to reach agreements that suit the interests of both parties and the children. Fortunately, there are professionals who offer divorce mediation services to assist couples with reaching agreements that reflect and protect the interests of all parties.

Nonpayment of child support punishes children not ex-spouses

Most Massachusetts parents remain involved in the lives of their children, even after divorce. It is, however, unfortunate that some parents feel wronged if they don’t receive child custody, and they may use child support as a weapon of vengeance. They may be so overwhelmed by the need to punish an ex-spouse for what went wrong in their marriage that they fail to realize that they are actually punishing the children and not the other parent.

Alimony reform laws challenged in Massachusetts court

Massachusetts residents may be interested in a recent case that challenges the state's alimony reform statute of 2011. There are four alimony types under the new law, including general alimony that is based on the length of time the marriage lasted and rehabilitative alimony for an ex-spouse who needs to establish a career and become self-sufficient. In addition, there is a one-time reimbursement alimony and a transitional alimony.

Howard's first wife leaves no spousal support for his second wife

Because the circumstances of every divorce are different, it would be wise for both spouses to obtain legal counsel before signing any agreements. Emotions may lead an individual to agree to spousal support when it may not be in his or her best interest. Obtaining the advice of a professional may avert decisions that may bring regret.

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