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November 2013 Archives

Divorce heats up after father refuses to take son to McDonald's

Many Worcester, Massachusetts, residents are aware that divorce can be a highly emotional, stressful ordeal, and sometimes an ex-spouse may feel anxious and display regrettable behavior. Unfortunately, such acts can quickly escalate in a way that benefits no one.

A prenuptial agreement makes property division easier

According to a survey of divorce lawyers, prenuptial agreements are on the rise, and more women are requesting them. 60 percent of the lawyers surveyed reported that they have seen an increase in prenuptial agreements within the last three years, and 46 percent have seen more women asking for them. Most of those agreements deal with protecting separate properties, alimony and spousal support and property division.

Same-sex marriage complicates same-sex divorce

Even though modern American society is becoming more comfortable with same-sex couples, gay marriages do not yet have legal recognition in most of the country. Thirteen states, including Maryland, have legalized gay marriage, and more will probably follow in the coming years, but problems with the dissolution of same-sex marriages are becoming more common and have yet to be addressed completely in most states. Although gay couples are less likely to divorce than straight couples, they face substantial financial and legal complications when they try to do so.

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