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Actor seeks lower alimony payments to former spouse

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2013 | Alimony, Firm News |

Whereas some spouses in Worcester are worried about the emotional turmoil that comes with divorce, others are concerned about financial stability. In a divorce, as the income and assets are divided between spouses, one of the spouses may experience unfair economic consequences. The divorce settlement may therefore include alimony, particularly if one spouse’s income is lower than the other’s.

Generally, spousal support continues during a rehabilitative period in which one spouse becomes self-sufficient after divorce. The amount of alimony may be based on the household’s standard of living, income and living expenses. However, in Massachusetts, the spousal support amount may also depend on the length of the marriage and other specific guidelines, as listed in the Alimony Reform Act of 2011. Further, the act allows spouses to modify the amount of spousal support.

Worcester spouses may be interested in news about celebrities who want to change their alimony payments. Reportedly, Brendan Fraser, the Hollywood actor, is attempting to reduce his spousal support obligation to his 45-year-old ex-wife. The actor pays $900,000 per year in alimony and child support but claims he cannot afford that amount anymore.

Fraser was accused by his former wife of hiding $9 million during the couple’s divorce in 2009. According to court documents, the actor claimed that he was not expecting to earn any future income from acting, regardless of his record of box office hits. The actor allegedly claimed he was not aware of any future acting deals at the time of the settlement. Fraser also lists medical issues that considerably limit his ability to pay the agreed-on amount of financial support.

In such cases, due to the fact that income is one of the bases for determining the amount of alimony, unreported income during the settlement may result in future legal troubles. Hidden income may increase spousal support, and medical issues, if proven, may reduce alimony payments. Modification cases may be complex, so having the help of an attorney is vital.

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