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Child custody settlement should be for the child

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2013 | Child Custody, Firm News |

When people become parents, they often try to become better people. This statement probably holds true for almost every parent in Worcester. However, if a divorce occurs in the family, the outcome may have a negative effect on the spouses and their children. The conflicts may not only arise while both parties are settling the child custody and visitation rights but problems may also occur after the child custody agreement is settled.

In Massachusetts, child custody distinguishes each parent’s responsibilities toward the child after divorce. After the agreement is settled, both parents still need to work together to come up with a parenting plan and visitation rights. For these, any issues the parent’s had during their divorce should not matter anymore and the only important thing is the well-being of the children.

Co-parents should set aside their own emotions and focus on the needs of the children. Doing this may help the child cope with the divorce. Divorced parents should not speak negatively about their former spouse in order to prevent the stress and anxiety of the child. A parent should remember that although the marriage did not work out, their former spouse is still the parent of their child. Preserving the relationship of the child with the other parent is beneficial.

The parents should communicate directly and regularly regarding their children’s schedules and should not communicate through the child. Discussing financial matters like child support in front of children is not advisable and doing so may cause the child to be unhappy.

If the child spends time with the other parent, the first parent should not make the child feel guilty about being away from home. Doing so may encourage children to talk about how they spend time with their fathers or mothers without feeling uncomfortable and without worrying about what the other parent may feel.

The impact of divorce on children is understandable; however, parents should remember that they can make it less problematic and painful for the children. Whichever decisions the divorcing parents make regarding child custody, these choices should always have the welfare of the child in mind.

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