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A Brighter Future Is Within Your Reach

Divorce mediation good for a less complicated divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2013 | Divorce Mediation, Firm News |

Divorce may have its bitter side. Although unintentional, divorce may directly affect the children and people who are in the lives of the divorcing couple. To make things easier and more manageable, residents of Worcester, Massachusetts, may prefer to go for divorce mediation, rather than opting for a traditional divorce.

Litigated, or traditional, divorces may cost a great deal of money and time as the divorcing couple may have to wait a long time for the divorce to become final. Hearings, investigations and settlement discussions are all a part of a divorce case, and attempting to resolve those issues will bring about the end of the divorce process. Litigated divorce consists of a series of motions, summons and petitions where divorcing couples formally present their facts and documents to prove each party’s side of the story. The entire process may have to be started all over again if a new dispute and additional concerns arise. Unfortunately, disputes are common in divorces.

On the other hand, mediated divorce may require less time, money and effort to complete the entire process. Both parties may simply need to find out the issues that require resolution. They can focus on the areas of dispute with the help of a certified family law mediator. Mediation requires a marital settlement agreement draft after the exchange of all the mandatory disclosure documents. If needed, mediators may prepare all the requisite supplementary documents needed as well as recommend co-parenting classes if children are involved. Finally, the execution and filing of all final documents must be complete before the judge makes the final decision. Although mediated divorce also takes time, money and effort, it is generally controlled by the divorcing couple, not by the court system.

It is the couple that decides on the boundaries of the settlement agreement instead of being pushed by court decisions. They are free from unnecessary restrictions given by the court. Knowledge about the difference between litigated and mediated divorce may provide divorcing spouses of Worcester, Massachusetts, with options on how the grueling process of divorce may be dealt with in a much more convenient and affordable manner.

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