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Reaching a divorce agreement in a gray divorce may be difficult

On Behalf of | May 17, 2016 | Divorce Mediation, Firm News |

The rising number of divorces of older couples in Massachusetts and other states is the subject of many media speculations. It is said that one-quarter of marriages of couples older than 50 years of age end in divorce. Regardless of whether that is an accurate figure or not, the fact remains that many older spouses decide that marriage is no longer what they want. It is also a fact that assets accumulated over many years of marriage may make it difficult to reach a divorce agreement without the help of a third party such as a divorce mediator.

The latest celebrity couple reported to be going through a difficult time after 33 years of marriage is Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne. If they fail to overcome their differences, they may join the ranks of other well-known couples who opted to get divorced after many years of marriage. These include Al Gore — former Vice President – and his wife, who separated after four decades of marriage. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his ex called an end to their marriage after 25 years, and after being married for 39 years, Captain and Tennille, or rather Toni Tennille and Daryl Dragon, decided to call it quits.

Considering the rise in gray divorce figures, many experts speculate as to the cause. It is often suggested that after many years of raising children and working hard to prepare for comfortable retirements, couples realize that they have very little in common once kids and careers are no longer part of their day-to-day lives. The truth is that the circumstances of every couple are unique, and there is no sense in trying to find a universal reason for gray divorces.

However, regardless of the reason for a divorce, the property division process after many years of marriage can be complicated. For this reason, many Massachusetts couples choose to retain the services of qualified divorce mediators along with experienced divorce attorneys. In mediation, both spouses will be given a platform to negotiate contentious matters with the support of their respective attorneys to provide valuable input and advice. With professional guidance and support, a divorce agreement that will be in the best interest of both parties may be drafted.

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