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Child custody: Litigation is traumatic for all concerned parties

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2016 | Alimony, Firm News |

Some divorcing couples in Massachusetts are able to reach amicable agreements on contentious issues. In many cases, this is achieved with the help of divorce mediators. However, the circumstances of families vary, and in some cases, the only option is litigation. This often involves a conflict over child custody, and it takes careful navigation to avoid bitter fights that may adversely affect a child.

Although it may be important for each parent to achieve his or her desired outcome, parents will want to prioritize the best interests of their child. Each parent is entitled to fight for what he or she wants, but both should want to avoid demonizing and demeaning the other. Such behavior may have a negative impact on a judge, and it may risk that parent’s chances of achieving his or her desired outcome.

Opposing visitation without a valid objection may also count against a parent. It is not uncommon for false accusations to be made against a parent in an attempt to have the court deny visitation. However, if a child’s safety is compromised by one parent, proper proof must be provided, or it must be handled as a separate case. Parents will always be connected through their children after a divorce, so it is best to keep the peace as much as possible.

In most divorce cases, all involved parties experience some level of hurt and trauma. Unfortunately, this may bring out the worst in some people, and without intention, they may jeopardize their own chances for achieving satisfactory outcomes in litigation. Allowing an experienced Massachusetts family law attorney who is skilled in matters related to child custody to handle the navigation of the legal proceedings may be the best option.

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