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Seek a child support adjustment rather than face jail time

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2016 | Child Support, Firm News |

In Massachusetts and elsewhere, there are numerous non-custodial parents who are behind on their child support payments. It happens, and when it does, custodial parents have the right to pursue enforcement options in an effort to collect. One form of enforcement is pursuing criminal charges which can result in jail time. In order to avoid such consequences, one may be able to seek a child support adjustment in order to help them stay current in their payments.

A 42-year-old male residing in another state was arrested in early December for his failure to make child support payments. According to reports, he owes approximately $33,000. He has not paid in over 12 years. As such, he has been charged with non-support and is being held at a county jail.

This is the second time this individual has been arrested for non-payment. The first occurred in early 2012. With this latest arrest, he was able to make a lump sum payment to the child’s mother in the amount of $15,000. As he still not considered current, he remains in police custody.

While putting someone in jail for failure to pay child support may seem counterproductive, as he or she is unable to earn money while behind bars, it can prove effective. However, no one should have to go to jail over failure to pay child support, especially if economic concerns prevent one from staying current. Under the right circumstances, and with the help of a family law attorney, it is possible to seek a child support adjustment. In doing so, non-custodial parents in Massachusetts may be able to achieve a payment amounts that are affordable for their current circumstances.

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