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Can extracurriculars be covered with child support?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2017 | Child Support, Firm News |

A lot of parents in Massachusetts do what they can to help their children grow and develop their talents. This is why so many children are involved in quite a few extracurricular activities. These, of course, come at a cost that can be quite substantial. Can extracurriculars be covered with child support?

The overall purpose of child support is to supply a child with his or her basic needs. These typically include food, clothing, housing and medical care. However, child support really can be used to cover so much more, including extracurricular activities.

What kinds of activities may be covered? Extracurricular activities that occur outside of school hours may be paid for with child support funds. These include summer camp, sports, clubs and after-school classes — among various others.

Getting money for extracurriculars is a whole other story. The state sets a certain child support amount, depending on the incomes of both parents, the number of children needing support and any special needs of the affected children. After that basic amount is set, the custodial parent will have to request increased support to cover extracurriculars and other expenses. This is not something that is always approved.

Having to pull a child from extracurricular activities that he or she loves is something that most parents want to avoid. After divorce, though, finding funds to keep children involved in all of their activities can be a challenge. Under the right circumstances, child support funds can be set up to cover extra activities. An experienced family law attorney can assist custodial parents in Massachusetts with seeking the increased support needed.

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