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Massachusetts divorce mediation Q and A, part I

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2017 | Divorce Mediation, Firm News |

Figuring out the best way to go about one’s divorce can be a challenge. Some couples in Massachusetts may want to go the traditional route and go to court to settle their issues, while others may be interested in an alternative approach. Divorce mediation can be a great alternative, but it is difficult for a couple to choose this route if they do not know enough about it. Over the next several weeks, this column will work to answer some of the common questions couples have about the mediation process.

Question number one for the week is: What makes mediation different? There are two big things that stick out about mediation. The first is that it is done in a private setting with or without attorneys present. The second is that the couple will have full control over the terms of their final agreement. If they were to go to court, a judge may have the final say instead.

Question number two for this week is: Why choose mediation? There are many reasons to choose mediation. Some include that it can take less time, be less of a financial burden on each party. and result in terms that each party is satisfied with and more likely to follow.

There are significant benefits to going through divorce mediation rather than litigation. Of course, only a few were briefly mentioned here. At the end of the day mediation offers a sense of control that may be lost when fighting things out in a Massachusetts court. It does take a great deal of effort, though, in order to complete the process with an agreement that serves the best interests of both parties. One can turn to an experienced family law attorney for guidance when thinking about pursing mediation or while going through the mediation process.

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