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Dean McDermott on the hook for not paying child support, again

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2017 | Child Support, Firm News |

Some people cannot catch a break, it seems. When it comes to family law matters, such as conflicts over child support, celebrities have it pretty bad because their personal business is often splashed all over the news. Whether Massachusetts residents like such stories or not, there is something that can be learned from them.

Actor Dean McDermott’s ex-wife is claiming that he has once again stopped paying child support for their son. This claim was recently published in various publications that are distributed nationwide. According to the report, there is a support order in place, but for reasons unknown, the actor simply stopped meeting his obligation.

The child at the heart of this issue is 18 years of age. In most states, when a child reaches that age, child support is cut off. That is, of course, only if there is reason for it not to be extended — such as for personal need or due to higher education expenses, among other circumstances.

While the details of Mr. McDermott’s support order have not been made public, if he stopped paying due to the child’s age or due to financial inability, just refusing to make payments is not the way to go about it. There is a process involved in ending a support order or seeking an adjustment. This is the lesson for similarly situated Massachusetts parents. Those who are struggling to meet their child support obligations or those who believe that their obligation has ended can turn to legal counsel who will be able to assist them in addressing the issue appropriately.

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