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Contract job income and child support

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2017 | Child Support, Firm News |

More Americans are turning to contract jobs for full or part-time employment. Some go this route in order to gain some freedom and others do it for the extra cash it can offer. While contract jobs can be a good thing, in terms of child support it can make figuring out and obtaining a fair support order rather difficult for the receiving parent. How does the state of Massachusetts treat contract income in terms of child support?

Currently, employers have a responsibility to pull out child support from the pay checks of those who have active support orders and send the money to approved depositories where it is then passed on to the receiving parent. It is believed that 70 percent of all child support is collected this way. However, employers are only required to do this for employees who work full or part-time jobs. This does not apply to contract workers.

Contract workers are often considered self-employed and are required to report their own income to the state. This makes it very easy for some individuals to hide their true income, meaning they can claim to make less than they do in order to achieve lower child support payments. It is wrong, but it happens.

Whether payor or payee, parents in Massachusetts just want their child support orders to be fair. Both parties, can seek legal assistance in fighting for support orders that fit their current income levels and sufficiently provide for the affected children. Such support orders can be sought right off the bat, or modifications can be applied for down the line as needed.

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