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An alimony dispute could land actor John Schneider in jail

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2018 | Alimony, Firm News |

Actor John Schneider is known for his role in the Dukes of Hazard. However, he has also been seen in several other shows, written and directed several stories and films, and even had a successful music career. Through his hard work, he was able to provide a good living for himself and his wife — a life he was expected to help her maintain following their divorce in 2014. A recent alimony dispute could land John behind bars, however. This is a fate anyone in Massachusetts or elsewhere who fails to make support payments could share.

According to a recent report, as part of his divorce settlement, Mr. Schneider is supposed to be paying his ex-wife nearly $19,000 a month in alimony. It is unclear for how long he must meet this obligation. Unfortunately, he has fallen behind on his payments to the tune of 185,000.

His ex finally took him to court over this and is seeking maximum punishment if he does not pay up. In his case, maximum punishment includes jail time of roughly three months. Mr. Schneider is fighting back, claiming that his income is not what it once was, making it impossible for him to pay the support order as written.

An alimony dispute does not have to turn into a criminal matter. Those who are struggling to meet their support obligations — like John Schneider — can seek to have their support orders modified based on income changes. The key is to seek the adjustment sooner rather than later. Massachusetts residents can turn to legal counsel for help in fighting for affordable alimony orders from the get-go, and again when circumstances change down the line.

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