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A Brighter Future Is Within Your Reach

Does going the mediation route mean I don’t get an attorney?

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2018 | Divorce Mediation, Firm News |

You and your spouse are getting ready to go through the divorce process in Massachusetts. You’ve heard about mediation through some friends and think it may be a good way to go, but you do have some concerns. One question that you have in particular is: Does going the mediation route mean I don’t get an attorney?

While it is possible to get through mediation and achieve a fair divorce settlement without an attorney, it does not mean you cannot have an attorney to help you through the process. In fact, an attorney can be present at your sessions if you wish. If you would rather, you can talk things through with your attorney after your sessions. Either way, it is good to confer with legal counsel to make sure you are getting the best deal possible before signing off on anything.

There are so many good things that can be said about meditation. It allows both parties to work together to comes to agreeable terms instead of fighting things out in court. It can take less time and even cost less than pursuing a traditional divorce. The biggest downfall would be people thinking they don’t have the right to representation if they choose mediation. Having legal counsel on one’s side from the get-go can actually prove highly beneficial, particularly if mediation does not work out as you’d hoped and you end up going to court.

Mediation really is a good option for numerous divorcing couples in Massachusetts. It is wise to know what you are getting yourself into beforehand, though. To learn more about mediation and how an attorney can help you through it, please visit our firm’s website.