When getting a divorce, there are a few ways to go about it. It is possible for each party to have their attorneys negotiate terms. It is possible for couples to take their cases to court. Finally, it is possible for couples to take the issue into their own hands and utilize divorce mediation. Why would divorcing couples in Massachusetts choose mediation?

There are a lot of reasons to want to keep a divorce case from going to court. The most significant of them being time savings, money savings and privacy protection. It can also make the whole ordeal a hostile one. Not everyone wants to fight things out. There are those who want swift divorces with settlements reached in an amicable manner.

The divorce mediation process works to accomplish three goals. The first goal is to reduce tension and allow a couple to talk freely about what they want out of the divorce. The second is to come to legally binding and agreeable divorce terms. Finally, the third is to finalize the dissolution of marriage without the trauma and expense of going to court.

So, why would divorcing couples in Massachusetts choose divorce mediation? They have a different view of how divorce should be. They don’t want to go through the traditional process. They want a better way to get it done. Those who are seeking an alternative to the traditional divorce process can turn to an experienced family law attorney who has experienced walking clients through mediation and walking away with fair and balanced settlement terms.