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Massachusetts child support: What is the PIP program?

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2018 | Child Support, Firm News |

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue works diligently to ensure children are receiving the financial support owed them by their parents. The sad reality is, many parents who are ordered to pay child support fail to do so. Enforcement options are in place that allow the DOR to intercept money meant for the parent and transfer it to the children. The payment intercept program is one way that the DOR does this.

The payment intercept program requires insurance providers to work closely with the DOR to identify individuals who are behind on child support payments and expecting insurance claim payouts. The money can be intercepted and sent to the DOR in order to satisfy the debt. Surely there are those who feel this kind of thing should not be allowed, but the state allows it to ensure children have their basic needs met.

The DOR utilizes the PIP and various other enforcement options to collect past-due child support payments. Those individuals who have questions about enforcement options can turn to the Child Support Enforcement Division for answers. Those who would like to take things a step further and seek changes to their current child support orders can turn to legal counsel for guidance on the matter.

Child support should not be such a difficult thing. Children need support, and their parent should be providing it in accordance with the terms of their child support orders. Those parents in Massachusetts who are struggling to pay their support obligations or who are failing to receive the support owed them have options to deal with the situation before the state jumps in to address the problem.