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A Brighter Future Is Within Your Reach

Alimony an issue in gray divorces, particularly for women

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2019 | Alimony, Firm News |

The number of couples who are divorcing while in their 50s or even older is growing. For women who have not been in the workforce ever, or for a long time, divorce right before retirement years can be frightening. Some may think that they will have alimony to rely on, but the truth is, there is no guarantee that it will be offered or enough if it is. A lot of older women in Massachusetts and elsewhere who are recently divorced are finding themselves having to go to work just to make ends meet.

According to a recently published article, roughly 10 out of every 1,000 married individuals who are in their 50s or older will divorce. The number of gray divorces seen in this country over the last three decades has doubled. In fact, there seems to be more older couples divorcing than younger couples right now.

While some couples may be able to split their assets and survive retirement without having to work forever, there are others who will find themselves behind on savings. Women, in particular, seem to be hit the hardest. Alimony may be awarded in some divorce cases, but it may not be much, and it may only be offered temporarily. Going to work is often a must, but many women in this age group are finding it difficult to find decent-paying jobs — despite the job market being in a good place right now. Women in this age group are also finding themselves subjected to age and gender discrimination, which certainly does not help their situations.

Older women in Massachusetts who are going through the divorce process can help their post-divorce financial situations by seeking fair alimony orders. There are certain qualifications that must be met in order for a judge to approve a spousal support request, but achieving alimony may be possible if one asks. Those who receive it and find it is not enough may seek to have the amount increased to fit their needs, even if it will only be a temporary benefit. Something is better than nothing when it comes to alimony, but that does not mean one has to settle for a mediocre amount. With the assistance of legal counsel, a fair and balanced spousal support order can be sought.