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2 things parents may not know about child support

On Behalf of | May 3, 2019 | Child Support, Firm News |

Very little about the divorce process is easy, especially if a couple has children. Figuring out child custody and support issues can be a tremendous burden as not all parents agree on what is best for their kids. When it comes particularly to child support, there are two things that all divorced or divorcing parents in Massachusetts should know.

First and foremost, just because a child support order has been issued, it does not mean it is permanent. These orders may be adjusted if either parent can put forth a good argument as to why the modification is necessary. Support modifications can be achieved through parental negotiations or litigation. Either way, the courts have to sign off on any changes for them to become legally binding and enforceable.

Second, do not worry about tax consequences. Those who receive support may have concerns about having to pay taxes on it like they do all their other income. This is not true. This type of financial support is not taxable, nor does it qualify as a deduction. There are no tax penalties or advantages to having a child support order in place.

Child support is one of those things that divorcing or divorced parents in Massachusetts may find themselves fighting over more than they would like. At the end of the day, any support order issued needs to accomplish one thing and that is to provide for the affected children’s basic needs. How that works out will be different for every family. With the assistance of legal counsel, achieving a fair and balance child support order may be possible.