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Approaching divorce after marital counseling fails

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2020 | Divorce |

If you recently tried to salvage your marriage by reaching out to a counselor but were unsuccessful in your attempt to save the marriage, you are probably working through different challenges on a number of fronts. From tough emotions to financial concerns and kids, there are many different topics that people need to explore when their marriage breaks down.

If getting a divorce is unavoidable, you could feel overwhelmed and unsure of your options. However, do not give up and make sure you approach the process correctly. According to data published on the Centers for Disease Control and Information’s site, more than 782,000 couples got a divorce during 2018.

Looking into the reasons why marital counseling does not work out

Whether someone has an affair or a couple is constantly arguing and cannot live together harmoniously, there are many factors that can cause relationships to suffer. Sometimes, counseling does not save a marriage because one party is unwilling to commit, or a spouse does not have a genuine interest in saving the marriage. Marital counseling can also fail when someone fails to live up to their promises or change their behavior (such as a husband or wife who has a drug or alcohol problem). Moreover, some couples also come to the realization that they are simply not compatible.

Looking into your divorce options

Even if marital counseling will not save your marriage, it is helpful to work with your ex while you navigate the process of getting a divorce. If you can collaborate on key family law issues and maintain a sense of harmony, this will play a key role in the efficiency of your divorce. On the other hand, if you are facing a contentious divorce, you need to prepare for some of the hurdles that could lie ahead, such as a bitter dispute over child custody or marital property.