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What decisions should be included in a parenting plan?

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2021 | Child Custody |

After a divorce, you and your ex-spouse will likely develop a parenting plan for the shared custody of your children.

Knowing the most important issues to discuss during the writing of this document will help you both avoid disagreements. It can also help you come to the best decisions possible for your custody arrangement.

Holiday visiting schedules

According to Psychology Today, you both should explain in detail what schedule you want to follow for the holidays. If your children are staying overnight or for a long weekend, then you must be clear how long the visit will last. Since the holidays are typically a busy time of year, you should take into consideration religious observances and any visits from your extended family.

Education and healthcare

For school-aged children, this plan should detail what schooling responsibilities are yours and what are your spouse’s. The welfare of your children is focus of your parenting agreement, and that includes healthcare and emergency medical decisions.

Many children also may have allergies or other health complications, as well as specific schooling needs. Staying flexible and positive when dealing with accommodations can help you both to avoid a stressful situation.

Drop off and visits

Agreeing on the visiting times is an important part of a parenting plan. You should never interrupt your ex-spouse’s time alone with your children. This document could also include a clause that allows for visitation changes later on, if both of you agree to it.

Being consistent and clear about what your child needs while still allowing for compromise can help you both craft an excellent parenting plan.