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Child custody and moving to another country

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2022 | Complex Child Custody |

Anytime a move happens between divorced spouses with children, regardless of where it is, there are questions to ask. Sometimes a short move one city over may have no strings attached, but there still might be the question of visitation and new commute considerations.

These concerns balloon to enormous proportions at the prospect of moving from country to country and it is important, whether you or your spouse considers the move, to understand the details. If both you and your spouse consent to the move, that is one thing. As Massachusetts statutes dictate, your child might be old enough to require consent as well. If you two or your child disagrees, then the courts may decide what best suits the child’s interests when modifying a custody order.

Considering your best interests

There are plenty of reasons to move from the U.S. and they may impact consideration for the case. Some of these reasons include:

  • Returning home if you or your spouse originates from a different country
  • Working a new job offered by a foreign country
  • Changing lifestyles in a way you or your spouse feels is better your child
  • Joining a new partner who lives in a foreign country

Considering your child’s interests

The courts want what is best for your child just as much as you do and so they may look into how the child feels about the move, how the move might affect their relationship with the parent remaining in the states and any pertinent details regarding their welfare.

Some of the reasons for your move are more time-sensitive than others and so it is a good plan to have all the details of a case explored and laid out to facilitate a smoother court process.