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How do children of joint custody cope?

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2022 | Divorce |

Going through divorce is difficult for the couple, of course, but it is also difficult for the children who have to deal with their parents’ splitting up.

There are different ways that these children of divorce cope with their situation. Children also cope differently based on whether they are children of joint custody or sole custody.

Coping in youth

Psychology Today discusses the impact of types of custody on children of divorce. Specifically, studies have looked into the effects of joint custody for decades by this point. At first, it was not the most popular option for divorcing couples. However, as evidence grew pointing to the positive impact it had on children of divorce, more families opted for it.

Children of joint custody often cope in a way that is much healthier than their counterparts who experience sole custody. This is one of the biggest potential benefits offered by joint custody.

As children, these individuals typically lash out less often at their peers due to having healthier methods of voicing their frustrations. They also typically run into less trouble with authority figures. Children of sole custody tend to get into frequent arguments with teachers, parents and more because of their stress.

Coping as adults

As the child ages into adulthood, these coping mechanisms built in youth carry through. Adult children of joint custody tend to struggle less with addiction, for example, which many people turn to as unhealthy coping. They also have healthier relationships, especially romantic ones.

Thus, children of joint custody tend to cope better on a whole with life in the aftermath of their parent’s divorce.