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What is a mediator’s role?

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2022 | Family Law Mediation |

In a divorce, there are several different options that a couple can choose from when it comes to figuring out how to work through their problems.

One potential method involves the use of a mediator. But what exactly does a mediator do in divorce situations?

Mediators as a bridge

Forbes discusses tips for a more peaceful divorce. One of them involves opting for mediation or relying on a mediator during some or all of the divorce process.

Mediators act as a bridge between parties in any sort of dispute. In divorce scenarios, they often help couples who are already on relatively amiable terms and do not need an enormous helping hand in order to discuss matters of the split.

Provision of guidance and de-escalation

Mediators do not have the legal ability to order either party to do anything in particular. However, they can and do make suggestions from their unique third-party perspective, allowing them to guide both parties toward mutually agreeable decisions and compromises that they can both tolerate.

They also have some training in de-escalation techniques. Though most people would hope that they do not need to utilize such a skill, it is often a comfort to people to know that if an argument does happen, it will not get out of hand.

They ensure that both parties have the chance to talk and be heard in equal measures, as well. Thus, they can smooth out the entire communication process and make it an easier task for parties to reach their combined goals. This makes them a valuable tool for any divorcing couple.