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Shared custody issues? Mediation may help

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2016 | Divorce Mediation, Firm News |

Child custody issues are pretty prominent in many divorce cases. For parents in Massachusetts and elsewhere, deciding what is best for their children can be a challenge. Shared custody can be a good thing for all involved, but problems in figuring out how it will work can occur. If you find yourself struggling to come to an agreement regarding shared custody, mediation may be able to help.

In Massachusetts, there are two basic ways in which child custody orders are created: in court or through private negotiations and court approval. Lets face it, no parent really wants a judge to dictate how and when children will spend time with them. While some cases may not be resolved any other way, others may be handled with less court intervention. It is believed that there are likely to be fewer issues moving forward if one feels he or she has had a say in custody matters.

Giving parents a say really is the purpose of mediation. During mediation sessions, both parents are given time to express concerns and ideas for how they want custody arrangements to work. They can, if they are willing to openly and honestly communicate, negotiate terms which each feels is satisfactory. Legal counsel can be present during these sessions in order to help the client work through this process. To learn more about mediation, please visit our firm’s website.

If you are struggling with shared custody issues, mediation may be the key to resolving them. A Massachusetts family law attorney with mediation experience can help. By going through this process, it is possible to find custody solutions that work best for your family’s situation.